4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Oral Health in Check

Are you wondering how having great oral health can benefit your health overall? Being mindful of your oral hygiene and staying consistent can have really positive effects on your health. Because your mouth is full of bacteria, daily cleaning and care is needed to keep the bacteria at bay. Without regularly taking care of your mouth and teeth, the bacteria can grow to form infections in the mouth or even increase risk of disease. Keeping up with your oral hygiene is incredibly easy – you just have to learn to make a habit out of it! Here are 4 simple ways to keep your oral health in check.


  1. Brush at Least Twice a Day

This is the easiest, most obvious tip. You’ve probably had this ingrained in your mind since you were a kid. A great way to keep up with this is to have a travel toothbrush with you at all times – in your bag or in your car – so when you’re off to lunch on a workday or at school you’re able to brush your teeth directly after. Keeping up with a regular brushing routine will help fight the buildup of plaque, bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. It’s important to do this at least twice a day, but really after every meal would be ideal.


  1. Floss Once a Day

Flossing isn’t all about getting out the pieces of food that are stuck between your teeth. It’s about loosening and releasing the bacteria that have crept down in between the teeth and gums. It’s nearly impossible for a toothbrush to reach these areas the way floss can, so it’s imperative for plaque removal that you add flossing to your routine.


  1. Don’t Forget about Your Tongue!

Almost half of the mouth’s bacteria live on the tongue, but that isn’t the only thing that resides there. Toxins, fungi and food debris all have ways of working down into the tongue’s crevices. Not only can this have a hand in plaque buildup and tooth decay, but it also plays a huge role in halitosis – bad breath. Tongue scrapers are great to use in the morning and are probably most effective at getting the job done, but you can always use the old fashion toothbrush!


  1. Eat Sugar Free Snacks

How can the foods you eat affect your oral health? Possibly the most prominent effect is brought on by sugary foods. Bacteria in the mouth use sugar to create acid, which over time can break down the enamel of the tooth. Sugary foods also have a way of sticking to the teeth, so everything really settles in. This can often result in cavities.

Consider other options when you’re thinking of snacking throughout the day. Fruits like apples, bananas, strawberries, and peaches are all great options, as well as veggies like baby carrots & celery sticks. Also think about beverages you drink during the day – try to stick to water as much as possible!

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