When It’s Time To Get Braces

Dental health is an essential aspect of our daily care. The condition of our teeth says everything about our health. Helping our children with their dental needs is important to every aspect of their health and well-being. Having a healthy smile is also important to a child’s self-esteem. If you notice conflict in the development of your child’s teeth it may be time to consider braces. You want to ask your dentist when would be the right time to consider braces.

Help your child make the transition

Some children may have difficulty with braces. Having those metal wires in your mouth can be painful and uncomfortable. Some children have to wear retainers in their mouth. Eating, drinking food can be difficult. They may even feel insecure wearing their braces. It’s important that you encourage your child by maintaining a positive attitude! Remind them of the benefits of wearing their braces. You may even want to put up pictures of musicians or artists they admire who once wore braces. Help your child see the bright side!

Make dental visits fun for your child. Who doesn’t like getting a sticker from the orthodontist? The orthodontist office usually often has toys and fun activities for kids to play while they’re waiting for their appointment. Your child has an the opportunity to socialize with other kids and relax before their visit. Dental care can be a long process for some kids, but you can help encourage the positive. Your orthodontist will show your child before and after pictures and have them see the outcome of their care. They can even add color bands to their brackets and choose whatever color they want.

Help them with brushing. Your orthodontist will instruct you on how to specifically care for your braces. He may recommend a specific toothbrush and floss to remove food from difficult to reach places. Effective brushing and dental care is important to helping the process of dental care. Mouthwash is also a good way to maintain healthy teeth, as rinsing helps remove plaque, residue, and any bacteria that brushing alone may not have reached as effectively.

Ask your orthodontist for guidance

Your orthodontist will offer a list of specific foods that your child should avoid while wearing braces. Some of the foods may be popcorn, soda, gum, hard candy, and anything that might cause the brackets or wire to break. Proper care of teeth while wearing braces is essential since any issues could delay the process of correction. Help your child document their process!

A fun way to help your child document their journey is to have them take pictures and post them on social media platforms like Instagram. There’s nothing like seeing the before and after pictures of your dental work! It not only encourages them, but also their friends who might also be considering braces. A healthy and happy smile is a bright light to those around you. Your smile is yours alone. Wear it proudly!

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